Ork Buggy Final

The Warbuggy is a founder exclusive Ork vehicle available in the Rogue Trader Store.

Description Edit

[1]Ork Description: "I ‘ope you saved some teef for this, mate… dis Warbuggy is absolutely perfickt for croozin’ across from bash-up to bash-up. You an some other git can cause some serious damage, and it only misses about ‘alf the time. Just make sure it’s a solid boy drivin’, and not some grot. If ‘e can’t see where ‘e’s drivin’ yer gonna end up smashed for sure."

[1]Human Description: "A single Ork Warbuggy isn’t usually enough to pose a serious threat – Orks are notoriously poor shots and the rapid, erratic movement of a gun-mounted buggy just compounds this. Problems arise, however, when several Warbuggies band together. The sheer amount of incoming fire inevitably means that the law of averages kicks in and something is getting blown up. A group of co-ordinated Warbuggies is more than capable of mowing down an enemy platoon if they’re not careful. Do not underestimate them."


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