Twin-linked weapons have multiple barrels for double the firepower. Twin-linking an Avenger Shuriken Catapult allows a Dire Avenger a wide spread of slicing wraithbone crystals, though at a further loss of accuracy.


Stats Edit

Quality Standard
Damage 20/12m 10/65m
Penetration 100
RPM 882
Spread 0.3° / 1.5° / 0.025°
Recoil 0.25°/0.08°
Ammunition 80/400
Reload 3.4s / 2.9s
LP cost 500

Acquisition Edit

The standard twin linked shuriken catapult is a 16,000 Requisition purchase. The alternate version (in black and blue) can be acquired from an artificer supply drop. The master-crafted version comes from a relic supply drop.

Mods Edit

Mod Effect Source
Angled Grip Artificer Supply Drop
Compensator Artificer Supply Drop
Textured Grip Artificer Supply Drop
Muzzle Brake Relic Supply Drop
Heavy Barrel Relic Supply Drop
Stabilizing Grip Relic Supply Drop

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