The tactical marine is the most balanced class of the loyalist Space Marines. They have better mobility and close-combat ability than devastators, and better firepower than the assault classes, they are able to serve as pretty much anything and are the only ones able to take an objective.

 Summary Edit

  • Best adaptability
  • Effective in Anti-infantry and Anti-vehicle use

Weaponry Edit

  • Boltgun
  • Master Crafted Boltgun
  • Quicksilver Pattern Boltgun
  • Gilded Boltgun
  • True Kill Phobos Pattern Boltgun
  • Sternguard Bolter
  • Plasma Gun
  • Master Crafted Plasma Gun
  • Apollo Pattern Plasma Gun
  • Grav-Gun
  • Master Crafted Grav-Gun
  • Snap Grav
  • Storm Bolter
  • Master Crafted Storm Bolter
  • Vengeance Storm Bolter
  • Combat Knife
  • Master Crafted Combat Knife
  • Thrice-Blessed Knife

Other Space Marine Classes: Edit