The tactical marine is the most balanced class of the loyalist Space Marines. They have better mobility and close-combat ability than devastators, and better firepower than the assault classes, they are able to serve as pretty much anything and are the only ones able to take an objective.


  • Best adaptability
  • Effective in Anti-infantry and Anti-vehicle use


  • Boltgun
  • Master Crafted Boltgun
  • Quicksilver Pattern Boltgun
  • Gilded Boltgun
  • True Kill Phobos Pattern Boltgun
  • Sternguard Bolter
  • Plasma Gun
  • Master Crafted Plasma Gun
  • Apollo Pattern Plasma Gun
  • Grav-Gun
  • Master Crafted Grav-Gun
  • Snap Grav
  • Storm Bolter
  • Master Crafted Storm Bolter
  • Vengeance Storm Bolter
  • Combat Knife
  • Master Crafted Combat Knife
  • Thrice-Blessed Knife

Other Space Marine Classes: