Advances for Loyalist Space Marines.

Starting Wargear Edit

Name Class Slot LP Effect
Strong Seal of Forging Wargear One Armor +30
Seal of Vigour Wargear Two Stamina +1
Health Unit, Minor Trinket Health +2
Armor Stabilizer, Minor Trinket Armor +1
Muscle Recovery Stims, Minor Trinket Stamina recovery
Repair Accelerator, Minor Trinket Armor regen delay
Frag Grenade Grenade
Frag Bundle Grenade
Melta Bomb Grenade
Mediae Pack Utility Recover health
Ammo Pack Utility Restore ammunition
Narthecium Vial Apothecary Utility 100
Standard of Solidarity Standard 0

Rank One Edit

Name AP Class Slot LP Effect
Field Governor 2 Tactical Wargear Two 120 +30% Armor regen delay
Seal of Solidarity 2 Wargear Two 60 +15% Armor regen delay
Health Unit, Major 1 Trinket 10 +4 Health
Armor Stabilizer, Major 1 Trinket 10 +3 Armor
Heavy Jump Pack 2 Jump Assault
Refractor Medallion 2 Ground Assault Toughness +20
Survival Vial 2 Apothecary Utility 150 Heals over time, and DAMAGE REDUCTION. (30%? very good option).

Rank Two Edit

Name AP Class Slot LP Effect
Krak Grenade 10 Grenade
Overcharge Generator 35 Tactical +50 Armor
Bolter Mastery 10 Tactical,


-- -100
Plasma Gun Mastery 10 Tactical -- -100
Stalker Bolter Mastery 10 Tactical -- -100
Repair Accelerator, Major 5 Trinket 20 +5% Armor Regen Delay
Muscle Recovery Stims, Major 5 Trinket 20 +6% Stamina Regen
Fuel Treatment 10 Jump Assault +5% Fuel Regen
Chainsword Mastery 10 Jump Assault,

Ground Assault

-- -100
Power Axe Mastery 10 Jump Assault,

Ground Assault

-- -100
Assault Doctrine 10 Ground Assault
50 Health
Field Regulator 10 Ground Assault +30% Armor regen delay
Seal of Durance 10 +15% Stamina regen
Seal of Forging 10 Wargear 1 +15 Armor
Heavy Bolter Mastery 10 Devastator -- -100
Lascannon Mastery 10 Devastator -- -100
Strong Seal of the Medicae 10 Wargear 1 180 +30 Health
Seal of Devotion 10 Devastator +10 Health
Adrenaline Vial 10 Apothecary Utility
Seal of the Medicae 10 Wargear 1 90 +16 Health
Apothecarion Beacon 10 Apothecary Grenade 150 Throw a Heal over Time Beacon
Standard of Blasting 15 Tactical Standard 0 Ranged Damage +6%

Rank Three Edit

Name AP Class Slot LP Effect
Support Servo Skull 35 Tactical Grenade throw scanner, requires tier 2 Krak grenade
Seal of the Tacticum 35 Tactical Stamina regen delay faster, requires previous Tactical AP line
Flexible Generator 35 Tactical +30 armor, -30% armor regen delay. Requires previous Tactical AP line
Meltagun Mastery 35 Tactical -100 Meltagun -100 LP. Requires advancement of preceding Tactical weapons line
Grav Gun Mastery 35 Tactical -100 Grav gun -100 LP. Requires previous Tactical weapons line, including Meltagun
Plasma Cannon Mastery 35 Devastator -100 Plasma Cannon -100 LP. Requires Previous Devastator Weapons line
Multi Melta Mastery 35 Devastator -100 Multi-Melta -100 LP. Requires previous Devastator weapons line, including Plasma Cannon.
Reductor Medaillion 35 Devastator -100 +20 Toughness. Requires tier 2 AP "Seal of Devotion".
Medicae Grenade 35 Apothecary Grenade Aoe Healing Grenade. Requires previous tree.
Plasma Pistol Mastery 35 -100 Plasma Pistol -100 LP. Solo AP.
Artificer Power Armor 45 Armor 250 +20 armor, +20 toughness, -0.5s armor regen delay.

Rank Four Edit

Name AP Class Slot LP Effect
Krak Bundle 75 Tactical Grenade 2 Krak grenades, requires tier 2 Krak grenade & Tier 3 Support Servo Skull.
Ammo Bundle 75 Tactical Consumable 2x ammo bundle. Requires a previous Tactical AP line
Stormbolter Mastery 75 Tactical -100 Stormbolter -100 LP. Requires a previous Tactical AP line

Rank Five Edit

Name Class Slot Effect

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