Shuriken Pistols fire magnetically accelerated incredibly sharp plasti-crystal discs. Of the Eldar weapons, it is the most common, a quiet and subtle firearm to match the nature of its wielders.

This weapon is used by many Eldar classes: Dire Avenger, Fire Dragon, Striking Scorpion, Howling Banshee, and Warlock.

Stats Edit

Quality Standard
Damage 17/10m 8/38m
Penetration 100
RPM 750
Spread (ads/hip/sips) 0.3° / 1° / 0.023°
Recoil 0.25° / 0.15°
Ammunition 20/80
Reload 2s / 1.5s
LP cost 50

Acquisition Edit

The shuriken pistol is a default weapon. An alternate version can be found in a standard supply drop.

The master-crafted version comes from a superior supply drop.

Mods Edit

Mod Slot Effect Source
Compensator Standard Supply Drop
Heavy Barrel Superior Supply Drop
Muzzle Brake Artificer

Cosmetic Variations Edit

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