You know what makes dakka? A boy holdin down da trigga on a shoota. You know what doesn't make Dakka? A GROT READIN ABOUT SHOOTAS! Grab wun'n go shoot some gitz in da face!

The Shoota is the most common Ork weapon. It's loud, it's innacurate, probably ugly. Orks like the loud part and they tend to tinker around with the bits.



  • High amount of mods available
  • High total ammo


  • Ineffective on long range


The Shoota is most effective in close range engagements, so look for opportunities to ambush or close with your opponents. The Orks extra health and reduced headshot damage is to your advantage here, and strafing or AD shuffling can also help you survive while taking your enemy down.

Available Mods

Optic Barrel Grip Ammunition
  • 2x Scope
  • 3.4x Scope
  • Compensator
  • Muzzle Brake
  • Heavy barrel
  • Angled Grip
  • Stabilizing Grip
  • Bigger Magazine
  • Fast Reload Mag
  • Drum Magazine

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 Mastercrafted version

Additional Cost Effect Appearance
30LP Spread per Shot: -0.003°

Horizontal Recoil: - 0.04°

DS shoota