I know what ye finkin: "Why should I be buvvad wif diz fing? Firez only wunze before havin'to reload, ain't dakka'nough...".Ye'r right, it ain't da most dakka fing in da pile'o shinies, but it sure packs a punch, wif'xplosions on top of it! Dat'z wun 'ella show and it getz betta if ya hit the uvva boyz in da process!

A crude rocket launcher. Primarily used against vehicles but Orks really, really like rockets and Launchers can fire a wide variety



  • High damage against infantry with direct hits
  • Decent anti-vehicle damage


  • Charge up time
  • Random wander at long ranges


The Rokkit Launcha is best used at medium range against the rear armour, and is reasonably effective anti-vehicle. At melta range you're in danger of taking damage yourself, and vulnerable to spawns from the vehicle, with no quick response without switching to your pistol first. At longer ranges, the random wandering of the Rokkit can cause you to miss.

The Rokkit can be effective anti-infantry if you can land direct hits and one-shot your target. If you don't kill them, the charging will take too long to survive return fire. Landing your Rokkit directly at someone's feet is your best option.


Optic Barrel Grip Ammunition
  • None
  • None
  • None
  • None

 Mastercrafted version

Additional Cost Effect Appearance
20LP Unclear
DS Rokkit launcha