The recoil kicks like a Squiggoth with a smaller ammo capacity. But the extra rate of fire can be worth it.

The Rodeo Shoota is a Unique version of the Shoota. It is available to Shoota Boys, and acquired via Supply Drop from the in-game Store. Like it's base version, It packs a punch at close range, but even more so with a higher fire rate, though it pays for that with increased recoil and spread



  • Extremely high fire rate, rivalling heavy weapons
  • Devastating at close range


  • Terrible at more than close range shooting
  • Cannot be modded


The Rodeo Shoota is pretty much only effective in close range engagements, so look for opportunities to ambush or close with your opponents. Aiming is almost pointless given the recoil, spread, and general effectiveness of the weapon. The Orks extra health and reduced headshot damage is to your advantage here, and strafing or AD shuffling can also help you survive while taking your enemy down.