Description Edit

The Painboy is the Ork Support class. It bears many similarities to the Loyalist Space Marine Apothecary, being a melee range healer with an AOE healing grenade, but cannot equip a Shoota and has access to more poison applying equipment.

Painboy default loadout

Base Stats Edit

Health Armour Toughness
225 50 100

Primary Weapons Edit

The Painboy has limited options for primary weapons, being restricted to variants of the 'Urty Syringe.

Weapon Base Type Role Source

Loadout Cost

'Urty Syringe 'Urty Syringe Anti-infantry Default 50
'Urty Syringe (alt) 'Urty Syringe Anti-infantry Loot Crate (500 REQ)[1] 50
Burny Syringe 'Urty Syringe Anti-infantry Loot Crate (12,000 REQ)[1] 200 Unique; Applies Burning instead of Poison
Needle Uv Lif 'Urty Syringe Anti-infantry Store (10,000 RTC) 80 Unique; Mastercrafted

References Edit

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