Advances for Orks.

Starting Wargear Edit

Name Class Slot Effect
Grim Trophy Wargear One
Knuckle Belt Wargear Two

Rank One Edit

Name Class Slot Effect
Blood Squig, Major Trinket
Sicky Bomb Painboy Grenade
Energy Fungus, Major Trinket
Weird Rock, Major Trinket
Masta Knuckle Belt Slugga Boy Wargear Two
Kwik Rokkit Pack Stormboy
Runik Bolt, Major Trinket
Belt o' Kunnin Shoota Boy Wargear Two
Waaagh! Glyph

Rank Two Edit

Name Class Slot Effect
Sicky Slugga Mastery Painboy --
Painboy Glyph Painboy
Dakka Slugga Mastery Slugga Boy --
Rusty Gob
GOR Glyph
Choppa Blade Mastery Slugga Boy,


Choppa Axe Mastery Slugga Boy,


Red Fuel Stormboy
Shoota Mastery Shoota Boy --
Rokkit Launcha Mastery Shoota Boy --
Dakka Deffgun Mastery Loota --
Zzzap Deffgun Mastery Loota --
BAD Glyph
TUF Glyph

Rank Three Edit

Name Class Slot Effect

Rank Four Edit

Name Class Slot Effect

Rank Five Edit

Name Class Slot Effect

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