This section of the wiki is dedicated to logging miscellaneous information about Eternal Crusade that doesn't quite fall under either one of the other categories (Gameplay, Story or Development Team).

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Miscellaneous FactsEdit

  • There will be some kind of trading but it’ll be limited (no trading between Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines for example) (Source)
  • Eternal Crusade will feature a craft system which will allow you to enhance your gear with new technologies (Source)
  • An application will be available to record kills in order to post them on websites like Facebook and Youtube (Source)
  • There will be four different types of environments on the surface of the planet: desert, jungle, arctic and temperate grasslands. However, there’ll be stranger environments in the Underworld (Source)
  • The world will be bigger than Skyrim or Planetside 2 (Source)
  • No confirmation yet if ragdoll will be implemented or not in the game (Source)
  • Some iconic characters of the 40K universe will make an appearance but they won’t be playable (Source)
  • There will be some important NPCs communicating with the factions (though they won't give any “quest”) (Source)
  • There will be achievements (achievements for exploration will also be present) and they'll unlock various accessories, weapons or hero classes (Source 1, Source 2, Source 3)
  • There will be an animation in front of your screen when you get Achievements but you'll be able to turn them off and keep only the corner notifications (Source)
  • There will be a night/day cycle (Source)
  • The devs will be taking part in battles (Source)
  • An integrated voice chat may be implemented in the game, but there will be quick voice commands for sure (Source 1, Source 2)
  • Text chat channels will probably not work cross faction. There will also be different language channels (Source 1), (Source 2)
  • Oculus Rift won’t be supported for launch (Source)
  • The dev team is looking into voice modulation so that all people playing Marines would sound like Marines, Orks like Orks etc (Source)
  • There will be no queue to get on the servers or to get into a fight thanks to the PikkoServer technology (Source)
  • Players will be able to use many different emotes (Source)
  • Dead corpses maybe won’t stay on the battlefield due to performance issues (Source)
  • NPCs probably won’t have voiceovers for launch (Source)
  • There won’t be playable Titans at launch (note that Titans may not appear at all for all we know) (Source)
  • Each faction should have a distinct UI (Source)
  • The dev team is taking a UI for the color blind into consideration (Source)
  • There will be a tablet/phone application to help the members of a community/squad/strike force stay connected together and be helpful even when out of the game client. You can expect at least loadouts and inventory access (Source)