Ork Looted Umie Power Armour Final

Looted 'Umie Power Armour is a founder exclusive Ork armour piece available in the Rogue Trader Store.

Description Edit

[1]Ork Description: "Now I know what you’z finkin… ‘umies are so tiny! Why wud I want to squeeze into their battered, smashed up armour. Well, for one fing, wearin’ this proves you is a proper basha, and not just flappin yer chops. If you can gets two suitz n’cobble ‘em togeva, even betta! When preparin’ your ‘umie armour, try and split the Spays Mooreen right down da middle; dis will save you some time later on."

[1]English Description: "It is the duty of all Adeptus Astartes to recover their fallen battle brothers. When filthy Orks swell to unimaginable numbers, they will occassionally over-run even the most stalwart Space Marine; when this happens, added insult to injury occurs when the Orks strip the Adeptus Astartes bare and repurpose their blessed armour. This indignity is intolerable and must never be forgiven or forgotten!"


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