Overview Edit

The Lascannon is the main Anti-vehicle weapon of the Devastator and Havoc Class. Despite it's high range and accuracy it causes devastating damage to armoured vehicles and every smaller target foolish enough to hold still for more than two seconds. To fire the Lascannon a target has to be aimed at untill the weapon is fully charged.

Summary Edit


  • High accuracy
  • High damage


  • Useless against moving infantry and well maneuvered vehicles
  • Charge time

 Mods Edit

Optic Targeter Ammunition
  • None
  • None
  • None

 Mastercrafted version Edit

Faction Additional Cost Effect Appearance
Loyalist Space Marines


Target Lock: -0.5s

MC Lascannon
Chaos Space Marines 50LP Target Lock: -0.5s
MC CSM LAscannon