A contingent of melee specialists that charge forward to disrupt an enemy line. They are equipped with Banshee masks that howl and intimidate.
Banshees are good at picking up weak or unaware targets, specifically behind enemy lines. They can disrupt large groups of opponents as part of an assault and they are decent duelists. They are strongest in small-scale fights, in areas with a lot of cover.

Health 150
Armour 80
Toughness 100

Armory Edit

Melee Edit

Power Sword

Pistol Edit

Shuriken Pistol

Smart Shuriken Pistol

Fusion Pistol

Gear Edit

Gear  Effect Cost
Advanced Howling Banshee Armour A:+20, ARD:-1s, T:+20 300
Icon of Khaine ARD: 15% 60
Greater Tear H:+15 90
Elegant Bonesinger Icon A:+15 100
Hyper-Amplifier Scream:-40%cd 100
Arcane Bonesinger Icon A:+30 210
Banshee Aspect Symbol A:+30, ARD:15% 270
Durable Spirit Stone A:+45 320
Retributive Spirit Stone H:+25, LS:+0.2 350
Vitality Gem SRD:15% 50
Icon of Khaine SRD:15% 60
Resonance Gem ARD:15% 60
Keen Vitality Gem SRD:30% 100
Vigour Gem S:+1 100
Ebon Banshee Emblem S:+2 200
Rejuvenating Banshee Emblem S:+1, SRD:30% 200
Crimson Banshee Emblem S:+2, SRD:15% 250
Minor Infinity Rune ARD: 3% 10
Major Infinity Rune ARD: 5% 20
Minor Isha's Tear H+2 10
Major Isha's Tear H+4 20
Minor Sign of Eldanesh SRD: 3% 10
Major Sign of Eldanesh SRD: 6% 20
Minor Wriathbone Curio A:+1 10
Major Wraithbone Curio A:+3 20

Utility Edit

Wraithcure Jewel

Ammo Pack

Plasma Grenade

Banshee Wail

Maximization Edit

Maximum Armour is 148(+68), achieved with a Durable Spirit Stone, Advanced Armour and a Major Wraithbone Curio. The average cost for one point of armour is 7Lp

Maximum health is 179(+29) with the Retributive Spirit Stone and Major Isha's Tear. The effective cost for 1 point of health lies at about 6Lp.

Maximum Stamina is 4, Using Either the Crimson Banshee Emblem or the Ebon Banshee Emblem. One(1) point of stamina always costs 100 LP.

Maximum Lifesteal is 0.3, with 0.1 lifesteal worth 100Lp.

Minimum Stamina Regeneration Delay is -36%, using the Major Sign of Eldanesh and either the Rejuvenating Emblem or the Keen Vitality Gem. 1% being worth approximately 3.3Lp.

Depending on personal preferences, The Advanced Armour, Hyper Amplifier, Retributive Spirit Stone and Rejuvenating Banshee Emblem are probably the most commonly used pieces of gear. All of which are acquired through the Banshees very own advancement tree.

Elite Edit

The Revered Howling Banshee has 200 innate Armour, making her significantly more durable.

She also has access to the Burning Rune(+70 Armour, 490Lp) and the Blazing Banshee Rune(+80 Health, +0.2 Lifesteal, 680Lp), both of which add a unique visual effect to the mask.

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