Overview Edit

The Grav-gun drastically alters the gravitation field of the target using it's own gravitation against it. The target gets slown down which makes it a very effective weapon to support your allies and restricting enemies who try to engage in close combat. It's high penetration makes it mildly usefull against vehicles. Mods provide a slight adaptability.

 Summary Edit


  • Slows down target
  • Effective as a mean of defense against melee units
  • Equally usefull against vehicles and infantry
  • Mods for specializing on Damage or lasting ammo


  • High recoil
  • Low damage

 Tips Edit

Best in use as support weapon, holding down enemy infantry and vehicles units to make targeting easier for allies.

Mods Edit

Barrel Ammunition
  • Stabilising Servo
  • Extended Charge Pack
  • High Transference Power Feed
  • High Transference Power Feed II

For details see Grav-gun Mods

 Mastercrafted version Edit

Additional Cost Effect Appearance



MC Grav-gun