The Fire Dragons are the Eldars Anti-vehicle specialists. They are very short ranged but make up for it with devastating effectiveness using their for the task fitted equipment. Despite having specialized on taking down vehicles, they mustn't be taken lightly, being one of the most armored Eldar units yet as agile and capable in melee combat as most ranged units.



  • Very effective against vehicles
  • High armor stats


  • Short ranged
  • Very easy to spot


Fire Dragons are one of the most effective Anti-vehicle Units and most players are very well aware of that fact and will try to hunt them down at all costs. Since it is almost impossible to hide for the appearance, it is wise to team up in tank hunting teams with Swooping Hawks who are capable of slowing down enemy vehicles and offer slight protection against attacks from enemy infantry.

Available Weapons

  • Fusion Gun
  • Master Crafted Fusion Gun
  • Fuegan's Resolve
  • Skyraider's Kiss

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