Overview Edit

The Dead Shiny Big Shoota is a Master Crafted version of the Big Shoota, available to Shoota Boys. It does slightly more damage and has a higher fire rate, but more recoil and faster spread increase. In addition, is applies suppression. There is also a unique model can be purchased using RTC that has Master Crafted stats

Summary Edit


  • Applies suppression
  • Good number of mods available
  • High damage up close, where its high recoil and low accuracy doesn't matter
  • Large magazine and High total ammo


  • 100LP extra cost
  • High recoil and rapid spread increase.
  • Not very good at long range
  • Cannot equip Optics
  • Has a ready animation firing delay similar to Heavy Weapons.

Tips Edit

The Big Shoota is most effective in medium range engagements, so look for opportunities to ambush or close with your opponents. The Orks extra health and reduced headshot damage is to your advantage here, and strafing or AD shuffling can also help you survive while taking your enemy down. Make use of suppression when attacking multiple targets

Builds Edit

Given the poor accuracy at long range to begin with, and the inability to equip Optics, the options of varied builds is rather limited. Your best barrel option is the Heavy barrel to increase accuracy, and choice of grip comes down to personal preference. There are currently no ammunition mods available

Available Mods Edit

Optic Barrel Grip Ammunition

Cannot equip

  • Compensator
  • Muzzle Brake
  • Heavy barrel
  • Angled Grip
  • Stabliising Grip
  • Textured Grip

None available

Skins Edit

Acquisition Edit

  • Default Skin: Relic Crate

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