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Space Marine Classes at launch.

  • Concept Art for Founder Pack Hereos.
  • Concept Art for Founder Pack Hereos.
Eternal Crusade feature a class system, but it is unlike that of most shooters. Being reminiscent of its tabletop counterpart, different player classes will fulfil roles similar to those of the tabletop units they represent. For example, Space Marine Devastators are classified as Heavy Support units in the tabletop, capable of wielding heavy ranged weaponry that would normally only be available to vehicles, and Eternal Crusade's Devastators would fulfil the same role.

Additionally, players have the veteran versions of the classes. These classes will have to be unlock in some manner, and in the case of Hero classes, it's expected that these will be able to be used only temporarily.

Archetypes Edit

As can be seen in Steam achievement descriptions, there are broad archetype categories, which include classes with similar gameplay from different factions.

Space Marines Chaos Space Marines Eldar Orks
Ranged Tactical Marine Traitor Dire Avenger

Fire Dragon

Shoota Boy
Support Apothecary Aspiring Sorcerer Warlock Painboy
Heavy Devastator Havoc Dark Reaper Loota
Melee Ground Assault Traitor Assault Howling Banshee

Striking Scorpion

Slugga Boy
Jump Assault Marine Raptor Swooping Hawk Stormboy

Primary ClassesEdit

Primary classes are the classes that will be available to players from the start of the game. Each faction has five primary classes (Except Eldar, who have seven) and depending on how players build their loadout (accessories, weapons, items, etc) for that class there are a multitude of possible specializations. Eternal Crusade is also a massive tactical wargame so not every specialization will be equal when going toe to toe with each other, players should either bring friends to make up for their weaknesses or deploy their loadout in the circumstances that favor their specialty.Since players can change classes and loadouts whenever they deploy to the field, they're not permanently locked into their choice, though not to all the choices players make in their progression will be easy to reverse.

Elite ClassesEdit

These classes are considerably more powerful than the primary classes, as they have 400 more loadout points than regular classes. Players may unlock them at rank 5 in the advancement tree.Elite classes can be spawned once each match.

Space Marines Chaos Space Marines Eldar Orks
Ranged Sternguard Veteran Veteran Traitor Revered Dire Avenger

Revered Fire Dragon

Shoota Nob
Support Veteran Apothecary Sorcerer Revered Warlock Painboy Dok
Heavy Veteran Devastator Veteran Havoc Revered Dark Reaper Loota Nob
Melee Vanguard (Ground) Veteran Traitor Assault Revered Howling Banshee

Revered Striking Scorpion

Slugga Nob
Jump Vanguard (Jump) Veteran Raptor Revered Swooping Hawk Stormboy Nob

Hero ClassesEdit

Powerful “hero” classes such as Space Marine Librarians or Chaplains will be available to be played in the game, but they will cost a lot of resources to unlock and just like it is with Elite classes, dying returns the player to his original class, so players will have to use them wisely. There will then be a one day cooldown before players get to play as a Hero again.

, there will be exclusive Heroes skins that can be unlocked through the founders pack, and potentially later on as microtransactions. These are mostly aesthetic, respecting the goal to have a game free of “pay to win” situations. But some special abilities could have alternative effects to add flavor and tactics on the battlefield. The Founders heroes are special characters, while launch heroes are broader HQ types. Thus, the Founders heroes have cool, unique abilities, but are much narrower in focus and have little to no loadout customization.