Overview Edit

Avenger Shuriken Catapults are specialized Shuriken Catapults used by Dire Avenger aspect warriors. While of limited range, they are customisable so each weapon matches their master's desires.

Summary Edit


  • High accuracy and low recoil allows you to continuosly get headshots with the weapon
  • Very high RoF allows you to hit even running targets with relative ease
  • Highest DPS for this type of weapon


  • Limited to relatively short range
  • Least amount of mods available for this type of weapon
  • Low damage and high RoF drains your ammo very fast

Tips Edit

The relatively high accuracy, low spread and low recoil makes this weapon a master of repeatedly getting headshots, so abuse this to the fullest of your extent.

Variants Edit

This weapon is available by default. A white and bone colored version is available from the standard supply drop.

There is one unique version of this weapon available, called the Avenger's Duty, which is limited to Burst-Fire (4 shot burst). It is available from the artificer supply drop.

There is a Master-Crafted Avenger Shuriken Catapult available in the Rogue Trader Store.

Mods Edit

Mod Effect source
Lateral Resonance Harmonizer Standard Supply Drop
Fast Reload Magazine Standard Supply Drop
Stabilizing Grip Standard Supply Drop
Angled Grip Superior Supply Drop
Vertical Resonance Harmonizer Superior Supply Drop
Starshard Shurikens Superior Supply Drop
Impulse Accelerator Artificer Supply Drop
Textured Grip Artificer Supply Drop

Skins Edit

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