Made famous by the Sunstorm Squadrons formed in Asuryan's name, these catapults were often found in the hands of Fire Prism pilots and crew. Under-estimating the Eldar is always a costly mistake; under-estimating an Eldar wielding Asuryan's Fury often ends with nothing but charred remains left to be recovered. The shurikens fired from this weapon are laced with a burning gel; as they cut through the air they burst into flame, striking their target for less force than usual, but igniting anything flammable they may be wearing.

(As of now, this weapon does not do fire damage, but does fire shurikens which appear to be on fire).


Stats Edit

Quality Premium
Damage 20/12m 13/80m
Penetration 100
RPM 750
Spread (ads/hip/sips) 0.2°/1°/0.011°
Recoil 0.12°/0.05°
Ammunition 55/275
Reload 2.5s/1.9s
LP cost 400

Acquisition Edit

Previously available in the founder's store for 17,500 RTC

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