Assault Marines are a fast moving light melee class with a jump pack, making almost no location safe from them. They are very efficient at taking down heavy units who are foolish enough to think they are out of reach to melee units. They can use multiple mods to increase the abilities of their Jump Packs. For ambush, hiding or multiple jumps to reach a higher position, they are able to crasp on to walls for a short time.



  • High mobility
  • Able to reach most positions
  • Capable to use Jump pack for effective evasive maneuvers in melee fights


  • Low Armour
  • High LP cost of Jump pack mods


The best use of Assault Marines is hunting down Heavy units to free allies of surpressive fire. When attacking groups they prouve very effective at distracting enemies from allies or involving them in melee until Ground Assaults get close.

If engaged in a fight against a group melee units should always try to have their opponent between themselves and the rest of the enemies to keep them from firering or (if lucky) harm/kill him with friendly fire.


  • Chainsword
  • Master Crafted Chainsword
  • Chainblade of Fury
  • Master Crafted Power Sword
  • Auric Blade
  • Duellist's Blade
  • Judex Malorum
  • Power Maul
  • Master Crafted Power Maul
  • Mace of Punishment
  • Power Axe
  • Master Crafted Power Axe
  • Iron Bane
  • Fenris Pattern Power Axe Mk I
  • Power Fist
  • Master Crafted Power Fist
  • Shatterjack
  • Imperial Justice

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